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Launch of the Chairman’s Club

At one of the most prestigious events in the Spencer calendar, our September fundraising dinner at the Oval, we launched our Chairman’s Club initiative.


The club has ambitious plans to improve the infrastructure we are able to offer all members – and we mean all members. Male, female, senior, junior, disabled. All of us. These plans include the complete replacement of our outdoor nets, the doubling in size of our indoor net facility and a number of significant enhancements to the playing surface of our secondary pitch, Openview.


Ambitious plans but realisable ones. Realisable with the help, contribution and input of the Spencer community.


The Chairman’s Club aims to attract individuals, groups or corporates who are able to make a donation of at least £1,000 to the club. We are delighted to say that we have already had a number of people coming forward, both as individuals and through their organisations. Let’s try to build on that.

These monies, along with a wide number of other fundraising initiatives and the reserves we have accumulated through prudent financial management, will be used to attract grant match funding from the likes of Surrey and the ECB. This money will mean that the cricket, the training and the facilities we offer will continue to grow and improve. Attracting around 1,000 juniors to the club is a staggering achievement for Spencer, over and above the senior cricket played week in, week out through to September. It does, however, mean that this infrastructure gets its fair share of usage.


Spencer is both a true community club, and a true part of our community. People from every conceivable background and upbringing rub shoulders as they enjoy the game we hold dear. A game that teaches us much about life – the ups, the downs, the lessons, the learnings and, most important, the people we go through it with.


We hope then that you feel Spencer is something worth investing in. The Chairman’s Club will comprise 15 individuals or entities willing to pledge a minimum of £1,000 for the year. In return, apart obviously from the genuine appreciation of our cricketing community, these individuals will receive:



  • Spencer corporate hospitality day an Oval international match
  • Regular briefings on fundraising progress, our progress and work
  • Exclusive Chairman’s Club dinner
  • Free associate membership to the Spencer Club 


As someone who has spent the last ten years at this fantastic club wearing any number of hats – from parent, to coach, to manager, to player, to captain and now chairman – I know we should be justifiably proud of what we have achieved to date. I also know that no organisation can stand still. What we provide for the young juniors starting in 2016 should be even better, even more professional, even more value adding than when I brought my son up to the club for the first time a decade ago.


If you’d like to be one of the founding members of the Chairman’s Club, to commence in the new year, we’d love to hear from you. Equally, if you still have questions around what we’re trying to do, again please come forward. Drop me an email and I’ll do my best to get you as excited about this game-changing initiative as I am.


We’re shaping tomorrow’s Spencer – come and be part of that future.


Neil Harrison



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