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Net Policy

Net Policy

Spencer Cricket Club Outdoor Net Policy


Spencer Cricket Club policy is that all official ‘net sessions’ are wherever possible, and always for juniors, supervised by a qualified coach who will enforce the net policy.


You may only use the outdoors nets if:


1. You are a paid up member of Spencer Cricket Club or have permission from the Committee. Permission is given to the members of any organisation who have booked the facility for the time slot that it has been booked for. Parents of junior members may also use the net when supervising their children.


2. You are following the net safety rules


3. You are abiding by the kit and equipment rules The issue of the combination lock to the nets is deemed to be acceptance of these rules. You must not pass the combination on to any other individual


4. Use of the nets is subject to availability with the club and other booked sessions take priority


The committee reserves the right to withdraw the privilege of net use from members who do not follow these rules


Kit & Equipment Rules


1. No kit bags should be placed on the artificial playing surface, or within the hitting direction of the batsman


2. Suitable footwear must be worn i.e. rubber-soled (non marking) cricket shoes or trainers. [No Spikes, no smooth soles, no non-sports shoes]


3. Batsmen working with a hard ball must wear adequate protection, helmet, box, pads etc


4. All Under 18s must bat in a helmet.


5. The surface of the nets must not be marked with chalk or any other material. Cones, discs or similar non marking items should be used instead.


6. Only proper leather cricket balls, bowling machine balls, tennis balls or purpose made “incrediballs” to be used in nets.


7. No Footballs to be used in the nets


8. All rubbish/litter is to be placed in the bin and the net area left tidy after each session


Net Safety Rules


1. The net is only to be used with the gate open and locked against the side


2. No spectators are to be in the net


3. Batters should pad up outside the net area and not in the batter’s line of sight


4. Bowlers should only bowl when the batter is ready and face the batter at all times. They should not bowl if a loose ball is in the net. They should not w


5. A loud cry of “STOP” should stop activity in all nets immediately to address any safety problem


6. Balls should be returned immediately by the batsman and not left to lie loose in the net


7. Bowlers should take care not to cross into another lane to retrieve a ball


8. Bowling must be in accordance with the laws of cricket. (From legal distance, legal action, no deliberate excess of short bowling)


9. Bowling machines. These should only be used by those qualified and/or authorised to do so


10. The nets must be locked after use


Use outside normal practice sessions


1. The club will not accept responsibility for unaccompanied children using the nets facility.


2. People using the nets without the supervision of a qualified coach do so AT THEIR OWN RISK.


Any issues of concern should be brought to the attention of the Cricket Club Chairman or the Club Welfare Officer immediately.


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