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At what age can my child join the junior section?
We accept children both boys and girls from U7 to U16

How do I know what age group my child is in?
Your child's age group is determined by their date of birth and corresponds to school years.
  • U7: September 1st 2011 to August 31st 2012 (School Year 2)
  • U8: September 1st 2010 to August 31st 2011 (School Year 3)
  • U9: September 1st 2009 to August 31st 2010 (School Year 4)
  • U10: September 1st 2008 to August 31st 2009 (School Year 5)
  • U11: September 1st 2007 to August 31st 2008 (School Year 6)
  • U12: September 1st 2006 to August 31st 2007 (School Year 7)
  • U13: September 1st 2005 to August 31st 2006 (School Year 8)
  • U14: September 1st 2004 to August 31st 2005 (School Year 9)
  • U15: September 1st 2003 to August 31st 2004 (School Year 10)
  • U16: September 1st 2002 to August 31st 2001 (School Year 11)

How do I apply?
Follow this link to find out everything you know about how to apply

Do you offer discounted membership fees?
Yes, the Club operates a fund to support those who may be unable to pay part or all of the subscription. Membership is free to those applicants who are eligible for free school meals. If your child is not eligible for free school meals, but you have difficulty affording the membership fee, then please contact  for how we can readily assist you.

If you have more than one child, the second child receives a discount of £5 on membership, and all subsequent siblings a £10 discount.

Do you offer trial sessions?
Due to the large numbers of players wanting to join the club we are unable to offer membership on a trial basis.  Once you have accepted a place at Spencer CC on behalf of your child the fees will only be refunded in exceptional circumstances (this does not include your child changing their mind once they've started!)

When do the summer coaching sessions begin?
Either the last Sunday of April of first Sunday of May (tbc).  Most league fixtures will be finished by the end of July but there will be coaching taking place at the Spencer ground until the Sunday before the August bank holiday.

Do you run other courses during the season?
We run two cricket camps at Easter, one during the half term holiday and several during the summer holidays. The dates are advertised on the website nearer the time, and your age group manager will also email you details.

What leagues do the children play in?
The junior section plays in the following leagues:
  • NEC U 17s Cup
  • U16s, NEC league
  • U15s, NEC & Mid-Surrey
  • U14s, NEC A & B leagues, & Mid-Surrey
  • U13s, NEC A & B leagues, & Mid-Surrey
  • U12s, NEC A & B leagues, & Mid-Surrey
  • U11s, NEC straight & pairs, & Mid-Surrey
  • U10s, NEC A & B leagues
  • U9s, NEC league
  • U8s, NEC league
They also compete in the NEC and Mid-Surrey knock-out Cups.

What format are the matches?
Up to and including the U10s, the juniors play “pairs cricket”, which are T20 games of 10 a-side, where the each team bats in 5 pairs of 4 over per pair. If the batsman is out, runs are deducted, but the batsman can carry on batting.
From U11s and upwards, the usual form of limited overs games are played, with the rules varying by age group and competition.

Is the club successful?
Yes, in 2010 we played in 27 tournaments – NEC A and B leagues and the NEC Cup, the Mid-Surrey League and Cup, and the U15 Surrey Cup. Across those 27 trophy winning opportunities, we won 9 Trophies and finished runners up in 6 competitions. And these successes have been achieved by playing different squads in each of the NEC A, B and Mid Surrey leagues – a testament to the depth of the age groups as well as the strength.

Do you also play non-league games?
Yes, the age group managers arrange a number of friendlies each season.

Who is my age group manager?
Go to the relevant team page on this site to see who your age group manager is.

Can I be sure my child is well looked after?
Spencer CC has Clubmark status, which is awarded to clubs who have the best practice welfare and child protection processes place.
All our managers and qualified coaches are CRB-checked, and have attended first aid and child protection courses within the last three years.
In addition we expect that for children who are under 12, a parent or guardian should be present at coaching.

What is the selection policy for matches?
For age groups that are only entered for one league (U8s, U9s, U16s) the teams for league games are picked on merit. Selection for friendlies is intended to provide playing opportunities for as many of the age group as possible.

For the U10s, the NEC A team is picked on merit. The B team is also picked on merit, but because a wider group of juniors are capable of playing in the B league, this team is used as a development squad, providing matchplay opportunities to as many juniors who are capable of playing B team cricket as is reasonably possible, to enable them to improve their game and contest the A team places. Selection for friendlies is intended to provide playing opportunities for those who are not yet ready for league cricket.

For the U15s, the age group manager will choose either the NEC league or the Mid Surrey league as the one that the A team will play in, with the B team playing in the other league. The A team is then selected on merit, and the other team is used as a development side. We do not play each side with the same (best) players since that defeats the purpose of entering multiple leagues and would deny competitive matchplay opportunities to a large number of very capable players.

The remaining age groups (U11s, U12s, U13s and U14s) play in three leagues. The age group manager will choose either the NEC A league or the Mid Surrey league as the one that the A team will play in, with the B team playing in the other league. The NEC B team therefore represents the Spencer C team for that age group. Selection policy for the Mid Surrey and NEC teams is on merit, although we do not play each side with the same (best) players since that defeats the purpose of entering multiple leagues and would deny competitive matchplay opportunities to a large number of very capable players. The NEC B league side (our C team) is used as a development side.

We have found that when our B team players are pitched against clubs who field their A teams in a particular league that they more than hold their own, and relish the challenge. Equally, our C sides do very well in the NEC B league against other clubs’ B team.

Selection for friendlies in these age groups is intended to provide playing opportunities for those who are not yet ready for league cricket.

How many times a season can my child expect to play in a game?
If your child is in a league squad, he or she can expect to play once a week. If your child is playing friendlies, then he or she will play less often, but can still expect to play several times in the season if available.

What do I do if my child is not playing enough games?
You should contact your age group manager and have a conversation about it. The managers have to deal with a large number of children, and they do their best to make sure everyone gets matchplay opportunities. If your child is missing out, it is most likely to be due to an oversight.

How can my child progress from the C team to the A team if the age group managers aren’t there to watch?
The age group managers will usually be managing the A and B sides, so they rely heavily on match reports from the individual running the other league games or friendlies. Generally, the managers rely on good communication from the coach on the ground at Spencer, and all the managers of the teams to make sure that there is ongoing competition for places and that the teams do not become silos.

Are your coaches qualified?
Every coaching session will be run by at least one qualified UKCC level 2 coach. We try to work on a ratio of at least one qualified coach to 24 children in drills work; and 1:8 in nets work.
You may also see some young adults working as unqualified coaching assistants with a qualified coach – these are members of our academy and development squads, whom we encourage to coach the juniors. We also like to encourage parents to participate in the coaching sessions and perhaps take the course to become a qualified coach themselves – it’s a great experience.

What kind of coaching do you offer?
Our coaches apply the Long Term Athletic Development coaching programme, especially tailored for cricket. Click here for more information on the LTAD programme: http://static.ecb.co.uk/files/planning-for-long-term-success-910.pdf
We place a lot of emphasis on children learning the basics well, and that involves a lot of drills – which the children really enjoy. Of course, playing games is part of the learning experience as well, so that’s why we have a packed fixture list. But we try and make sure that the two – matchplay and coaching – go hand in hand through the season.

Is there mid-week training?
Yes, but attendance is limited. Your age group manager will notify you of which night squad training takes place and whether you can attend. Typically, the squad members attend the midweek practice sessions to enable them to prepare for league fixtures at the weekend.

Who are the age group managers, and what do they do?
The age group managers are your main point of contact. All of the age group managers are volunteers, and they are often (but not always) the parent of a child in the same group.

They manage the entire age group – not just the A team – and in that capacity they run coaching sessions; organize the friendly fixtures; run fixtures themselves; make sure that responsible adults are available to run fixtures in their absence; co-ordinate with the other managers and coaches in the age group to ensure that all the children are getting the right opportunities for their abilities; communicate with parents on matters relating to selection, match arrangements and other admin; run the midweek training sessions; run the pre-season squad training; and attend the juniors committee meetings.

Crickey, that sounds a lot; how can I help?
Any help is very welcome, and in many cases you don’t need to have any knowledge of cricket to help out. We value our volunteers in whatever capacity they choose to help the club, be it team management, coaching, scoring, umpiring, helping with the admin, fundraising, or simply helping with lifts to and from the ground. If you can help in any way please contact junior Chairman Steve Kersley.

How do I feedback any concerns to the age group manager?
The managers are actively encouraged to get feedback from parents, and parents should feel free to engage with the managers if they have any issues or concerns they wish to raise. However, parents also have a duty to ensure that they are courteous in giving their feedback to the managers. Abusive and unpleasant emails or verbal exchanges fall a long way sort of the standards we expect from parents, and can result in the revocation of their child’s membership.
If your feedback is being ignored by the age group manager, then please contact the Chair of the Junior Section, Steve Kersley who can take forward the matter on your behalf.

What do I do if I have a complaint about a coach or manager?
If you have a concern or complaint about a coach or manager then you should immediately contact either Steve Kersley or James Cunningham

What do I do about getting my child into the District or County sides?
Towards the end of each season, the Club is approached by Surrey CCC to nominate players for selection to its winter district and county training programme with a view to selection in district and county sides in the following season. If you would like your child to be put forward, please discuss the matter with the age group manager.

What is your winter training programme?
We run a winter nets programme on Sundays in November and December; Saturdays and Sundays between January and April. Details will appear on the website in October. Priority for these sessions is given to those players who have not made it through to the A or B squads and want to improve their game.
In addition, each age group from the U8s upwards will run pre-season training programmes for between 4 and 6 weeks before the start of the season for squad members. You will be notified of the arrangements by your age group manager in January/February of each year.

What clothing should my child wear?
It is not necessary to wear whites for practice sessions – tracksuits or shorts with a shirt will be fine.
White trousers and shirt should be worn for all fixtures. These are available for purchase at Spencer.
Footwear: trainers should be worn in the nets and the all-weather training area; trainers or cricket spikes should be worn during matches.
Abdominal protection: your child should wear a jockstrap or box briefs for all fixtures and for all net sessions.

What kit should my child wear?
When your child is batting in fixtures or in the nets he will need to wear pads, gloves, a box and a helmet as a minimum.

Does the club provide kit?
The team manager or coach will carry a kit bag with spare bats, pads, gloves, boxes and helmets. We would advise that children at least have their own gloves and box.
Getting yourself kitted up as a cricketer can be expensive so you might want to think about applying for a JPW Grant from the Joe Pearce Willis Fund.

Grants are available for cricket equipment or for any other expenses you might incur (excluding match fees). You can get an application form from your juniors manager or download it here.

The Fund has been set up in memory of Joe Pearce Willis who played cricket at Spencer from the age of nine, and who died in 2005, aged 19. It is run by Joe’s family and friends, who will decide which applications are successful.

What is expected of me?
On joining the club, you undertake to abide by the Club's Code of Conduct for parents and guardians, and to make your child aware of the Code of Conduct for young people, which can both be found by following this link.

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