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If you’re new to the area and looking to pick up your cricket ahead of the new season, we’d love to hear from you. You can email Gus Grant with your details and we’ll get right back to you.

Both men's and women's pre-season training takes place every Wednesday evening between 8pm and 9:30pm from the 21st February at Ernest Bevin Sports Hall until we begin our outdoor training in April. Bring £10 each week, indoor training gear and loads of enthusiasm!


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22 Apr 13:00 Osterley OFF Spencer 1XI
Draw CUP
22 Apr 13:30 Spencer Earls 222-9 vs 77-10 Spencer Women
Spencer Earls won by 145 runs FRIENDLY

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28 Apr 12:30 Spencer 1XI vs Banstead
28 Apr 12:30 Banstead vs Spencer 2XI
28 Apr 12:30 Banstead vs Spencer 3XI
29 Apr 13:00 Old Rutlishians vs Spencer Trust
29 Apr 13:30 Streatham & Marlborough vs Spencer Earls
5 May 12:00 Spencer 1XI vs Beddington
5 May 12:00 Banstead vs Spencer 2XI
5 May 12:00 Ashtead vs Spencer 3XI
5 May 12:00 Spencer 4XI vs Ashtead
5 May 13:00 Sutton Challengers vs Spencer 5XI
6 May 13:30 Spencer Earls vs Energy Exiles
12 May 12:00 Farnham vs Spencer 1XI
12 May 12:00 Spencer 2XI vs Farnham
12 May 12:00 Spencer 3XI vs Weybridge
12 May 12:00 Weybridge vs Spencer 4XI
12 May 13:00 Croydon A vs Spencer 5XI
12 May 13:00 Spencer 5XI vs Sutton Challengers
13 May 13:00 Dorking vs Spencer Trust
13 May 13:30 Spencer Earls vs TBA

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