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A Day Of Triumph

A Day Of Triumph
It's sometimes all too easy for busy lives to be lived either always looking ahead at what's next, what's around the corner or, conversely, with a sepia tinted perception that the good old days were, in fact, good.
It would be wrong, however, to let Saturday 27th August simply fade into obscurity.
It was an important day for men's senior cricket at the club. And we should never be slow, wary or begrudging about celebrating success. And Saturday was all about success.
Others with a longer relationship with Spencer than mine might be able to point to more staggering days, I know I certainly can't.
Firstly, the stubborn, cussed teamwork of Jon Speller's 1st team dug out what might turn out to be a crucial victory as the side seeks to avoid relegation.
It was, however, just one of four hugely impressive wins.
James Smith's 2s have now recorded no less than three league titles (in different divisions) over the last four years. And winning the premiership in our first year back in the league points to Smithy's work not only with willow in hand, but also his work behind the scenes and in the dressing room.
Last year saw our 3s dice with relegation - this year couldn't have witnessed more of a contrast. Again with a game to go we are champions. A massive well done to Cameron and Aqib and their team for winning no less than 14 out of 17 games this year. What a turnaround.
Finally the 4s are on the brink of their own triumphs. A win on the 27th at the same time as a Dulwich defeat means both teams play each other in a simply shoot out for the league title. A title we have not won for some time. Shabash, Hussain, great work.
Job done magnificently for the 2s and 3s, let's roar on the Shells & Ropes' 1s and 4s next Saturday.

- Neil Harrison (Chairman)


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