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2017 at Spencer

2017 at Spencer
A very happy Spencer new year to you.

Although the current prevailing temperatures are some way from tempting me into cricket clothing, January is nearly done and we can genuinely start to look ahead to a new cricket season. Personally, I hope you're as excited as I am.

And the expectation bar for 2017 is pretty high. Whilst it's generally a fairly pointless exercise to look back, 2016 might well serve as an exception. We embedded a new captain in the men's first team, creating a new culture and set of behaviours and we saw unparalleled success across boy's, girl's, women's and men's sections.

If we met with success on the field, things didn't go so badly off it. We're now the proud owners of six state of the art outdoor nets, along with an artificial pitch on Openview. Our second pitch also boasts a handsome rope - thanks for pestering, Cameron - and both a square and outfield which have probably never played better. Our clubhouse too has improved beyond all belief.

However, with the number of Spencer members we have, there's simply no opportunity or indeed desire, to stand still. The Fieldview outfield needs urgent love and attention and we are having to invest in the appropriate machinery to enable this. Openview will ultimately require a new drainage system. Expanding membership means we want to be able to offer more and more cricket opportunities to everyone. With that in mind, we are working with Wandsworth Council to take over partial usage of Fishponds cricket pitch in nearby Tooting.

As well as hosting junior cricket, this will be the home ground of our fifth team. Launched this year and skippered by Nasir Younas, we are delighted that more and more cricketers will be able to wear the Spencer shirt in competitive league cricket.

Further down the line, the prospect of an extended indoor net facility is quietly taking shape.

This doesn't happen by accident. A number of people behind the scenes continue to work long and hard, shaping the club and the cricket we provide.

And neither does this happen without cost. After four years of keeping subscriptions static (and in some cases reducing them), both the march of inflation and the ambitions of the club mean we will be raising subs across the board, for all sections of the club and specific details will follow. In order to soften any potential impact, there will be the opportunity of spreading payment out during the season. Similarly, people also have the opportunity of earning off some or all of their subs through coaching on Sunday mornings.

Another important decision taken bythe club is the change of clothing supplier. We are delighted to be partnering AJ Sports (Some of you may have come across them previously). The guys at AJ need no introduction and part of their competitive advantage is the convenience of their shop (on Broomwood Road) for the purchase and collection of goods.

Thanks then to our sponsors and to reflect this new partnership, we are providing all 2017 members with a new playing shirt. This means that whoever is representing Spencer on the cricket field, we'll have aconsistent and consistently smart look.

Here's to a fantastic Spencer 2017, whatever your connection with this great club, whether as a junior, senior scorer, umpire or volunteer.

Neil Harrison


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