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The Pre-Season Interviews

The Pre-Season Interviews
The first in an occasional series of pre-season interviews with Spencer’s various captains – I give you James Smith.


Your pre-season fitness regime, how’s it going?


Steady, down to two cream cakes per day and am actively avoiding Yo-Yo tests after last time.


Personal cricketing goals for this year?


Score as many runs through the covers as third man


Which team mate have you missed most over the winter and why?


The season doesn’t start until Aqib tells me he’s fitter than ever and can do a much better job than any of the seamers I pick for week one.

The dressing room – the heart of the team – who’s the tidiest player and who’s the messiest?


Diba is probably tidier than the rest, but that’s only because he’s trying to sell you all his out of date stock that he carries around. Messiest is definitely between my kit bag and Billers’ whites.


What new kit have you invested in (or are about to invest in) to make you an even better player this year?


Bionic Knee and Shoulders and some wheels.


Which away fixture do you look forward to the least and why?


Farnham. There’s a reason it’s not called Near-nham.


What do you want to see from your team this year?


The ability to stand still and remember more than one fielding position per over.


Who is it best not to share a car with on your side?


Any of the under 21 drivers who insist on having their iPod playing some terrible tunes.


Name one behaviour you want to see more of from your guys in 2017


We had a great bunch of lads last year and I just want everyone to keep enjoying it, take responsibility and don’t be afraid to take it to the opposition.


Which famous non-cricketing personality would you most like in your team and why?


Peter O’Toole. Level 2 coach, faced Imran Khan, bowled mean inswinger, and a great man to have in and around the clubhouse. (And presumably beneficial to bar takings too).

What keeps bringing you back to Spencer each year?


The best beer garden in south London (Neil Baker™), Roofball and the fact it’s a 12 hour IKEA free window each week.



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