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The Pre-Season Interviews - Part 2

The Pre-Season Interviews - Part 2
Second in our pre-season series of interviews with our various skippers. Over to you, Mr Ponsonby.

Your pre-season fitness regime, how’s it going?


I'm more of a do as I say, not as I do, captain if that answers your question.


Personal cricketing goals for this year?


I’m toying with the idea of actually trying to spin the ball this year.


Which team mate have you missed most over the winter and why?


Shak Farooqi. Get one Guinness in him and he'll tell you about his hundred in 2003. Get two and he'll remind you of his 8fer in 1996. Get three and he'll tell you all about how he played the switch hit before anyone else in 1988. In retrospect maybe I've missed Phil Cummings the most.


The dressing room – the heart of the team – who’s the tidiest player and who’s the messiest?


I'm normally too distracted by Matt Glover prancing around in his jockstrap to notice. Not a complaint, just an observation.


What new kit have you invested in (or are about to invest in) to make you an even better player this year?


I've got a fancy new bat that I somehow ended up buying from a Hampshire player. I'm hoping it'll mean I can clear the infield for the first time in my life.


Which away fixture do you look forward to the least and why?


Reigate Priory. They always win, it's either baking hot or freezing cold and when I haven't got a duck they've scored 400. To make it doubly annoying they're also perfectly nice and give you all a drink at the end of it all, so you can't even hate them in the process.


What do you want to see from your team this year?


A greater appreciation of the importance of having a third man.

Who is it best not to share a car with on your side?


If Glover has bowled particularly well or badly your conversational topics for the journey home are covered either way.


Name one behaviour you want to see more of from your guys in 2017


To stretch our lead as the Spencer side with the best team morale.


Which famous non-cricketing personality would you most like in your team and why?


Eddie Jones. 18 wins in a row would do us alright this year. We only managed nine last season. (Admittedly not great timing after the weekend).

What keeps bringing you back to Spencer each year?


Being able to spend your summer evenings with all your mates (and Billers) with London's best sunset for a view.



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