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The Pre-Season Interviews - Part 3

Now, we hear from the ladies and our very own Victoria Cruickshank


Your pre-season fitness regime, how’s it going?


I’ve just started track cycling so I’m hoping that will stand me in good stead. Plus Kiyo’s pre-training warm up is pretty intense. (Very impressive and an uncannily similar approach to fitness as Cam and Smithy, it would appear).

Personal cricketing goals for this year?


I’ve given up captain duties on match days to focus on my personal game so I’m really hoping this year to up my average to 40+.


Which team mate have you missed most over the winter and why?


We all meet up every couple of weeks or so during the winter so I don’t have a chance to miss anyone!

The dressing room – the heart of the team – who’s the tidiest player and who’s the messiest?


I’d have to say Sarah McChesney is the messiest player (although I’ve been known to find mouldy bananas in my bag at the beginning of the season) and Tory is the tidiest.

What new kit have you invested in (or are about to invest in) to make you an even better player this year?


A new bat - the splice on mine has been gone for the past two seasons and I’ve soldiered on but now we are in the Championship I think it’s time to treat myself. (Go down to AJ, tell them Neil sent you, they’ll see you right).

Which away fixture do you look forward to the least and why?


All opponents are new to us this season but probably Chelmsford as the traffic is bound to be awful.


What do you want to see from your team this year?

I would like to see us put on some decent scores with everyone in the top 6 contributing and it would be great if we could finish comfortably in the middle of the table in what is our first season in the Championship division. (Loads of luck from the club).

Who is it best not to share a car with on your side?

Ange - last time we played away in North East London she said she would drive and take some players. I then got a text from her, long after we’d all set off, to say that she’d had to abandon her car in Vauxhall and they were trying to find a train to get them to the game. Luckily I won the toss and we batted first. (Trust there were some post-match forfeits coming her way).


Name one behaviour you want to see more of from your guys in 2017


Commitment, I think, is going to be key this year. Committing to diving around in the field and making sure we all commit to contributing runs while batting, I think will be the difference in this new league.


Which famous non-cricketing personality would you most like in your team and why?


Tom Daley so that we can utilise his diving skills in the field. (No Speedos though, please).


What keeps bringing you back to Spencer each year?


The ladies’ section are excellent at switching on to play competitive cricket but also switching off to socialise together outside of the game. Many of the squad are not only my cricketing mates but my close friends as well.



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