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The Pre-Season Interviews - Part 4

The Pre-Season Interviews - Part 4
This week’s interviewee is our victorious 4th team skipper, Hussain Jafri

Your pre-season fitness regime, how’s it going?

Had my annual inspection of the gym recently, so all up to date. They’ve moved things around from last year.

Personal cricketing goals for this year?

Half-hearted attempt at a warm up will be a start. Fielding at slip all day - being the captain and all - can be taxing on the knees.

Which team mate have you missed most over the winter and why?

It’s a tough one; Aamer Janjua’s “silence” or Adam Fradgley’s stern look (when he wants to bowl).

The dressing room – the heart of the team – who’s the tidiest player and who’s the messiest?

Rehan Malik has been seen ironing his whites before, during and after the game.
Patrick Osborne is the tidiest ‘Scorer’, never gets to open his kitbag – although it’s not great news if we’re in the sort of situation which necessitates Patrick looking in his kitbag for his bat. Aun Naqvi’s kitbag is a good substitute for chloroform. Tom Billingham looking for his equipment in the dressing room is like a treasure hunt.

What new kit have you invested in (or are about to invest in) to make you an even better player this year?

I have “invested” in a new bat; I might just score a maiden century in a league game this season. (Hope you got it from AJ).

Which away fixture do you look forward to the least and why?

Dulwich – you never know who you may play... 1st, 2nd or 3rd XI while Wimbledon needs to hire June for teas.

What do you want to see from your team this year?

At least six of them need to keep believing that they are first team players and you never know, we might win the league again this year!

Who is it best not to share a car with on your side?

Umer Shad – depends on which side of the bed he got out of, it can go either way.

Name one behaviour you want to see more of from your guys in 2017

The fountain of cricket knowledge they shower upon me should be more filtered; a back stop is not a recognised fielding position beyond the age of 9.

Which famous non-cricketing personality would you most like in your team and why?

Muhammad Ali – never stopped believing he is the greatest.

What keeps bringing you back to Spencer each year?

I am institutionalised. Just kidding! Spencer is like family, you can never let go.




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