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One Spencer

One Spencer

The weather’s becoming kinder, the days are stretching outand the mercury is edging upwards.

It can mean but one thing.

Cricket is emerging from darkened sports halls and indoor nets out into the relative glare of south west London’s late spring.

At Spencer, Fieldview is ready to welcome the noisy, kinetic, exuberant throng of Sunday mornings.   

The 2017 season is upon us.

So much went right for the club, the whole club, last year. But matching that, exceeding that, is a challenge everyone is passionate about taking up.

As seems to happen each year, we’re growing. More juniors, more girls, more focus on the disabled, more women’s cricket and a new fifth team for the men.

We’re a broad church, representative of the community in which we play a major role.

Why One Spencer? There’s no shame in being ambitious. We want to continue improving, continue enhancing what we deliver and what we offer. We had a huge amount of success on and off the field last year and we want to build on that in 2017.

And whilst we’re working tirelessly to be the number one cricket clubin the area– providing an experience and a welcome to match that –we’re going to get there together. One Spencer is about being inclusive and exceptional – at the same time.

We support each other. Senior members act as role models and are the source of inspiration and advice. Our juniors provide us with the energy, passion and a glimpse of our future.

We’re old and young; callow and experienced; male and female; the only colours that matter are the club’s. We’re unified because of a game we love, within a club whose behaviours, culture and values we live every day.

One Spencer – we’re all in.



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