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The Pre-Season Interviews - Part 5

The Pre-Season Interviews - Part 5
Drum roll time, our 1st team skipper, Mr Jonathan Speller....

Your pre-season fitness regime, how’s it going?

Having just returned from paternity leave back home in South Africa – it would be safe to say that I have been on a diet of steak and red wine!

Personal cricketing goals for this year?

I would like to build on the excellent culture shift that the guys adopted last year. We had a supportive and dedicated changing room who, when faced with a relegation battle, dug deep and came out on top. That showed great character and I am very proud of how quickly my young side was able to learn and adapt.

Which team mate have you missed most over the winter and why?

Difficult to select just the one – but the emceeing of the very talented Gus Grant always impresses!


The dressing room – the heart of the team – who’s the tidiest player and who’s the messiest?

Tidiest players are always the batsmen – bowlers don’t have 30 overs between innings to clear up after themselves, especially having done the batsmen’s jobs for them too!


What new kit have you invested in (or are about to invest in) to make you an even better player this year?


I am going to have to buy myself a new bat this season. I managed to split the last one down the splice digging out a couple of yorkers in the LMS game against Herschelle Gibbs’ Big Guns. I can’t quite understand why bowlers lean towards yorkers when I bat! (Nothing to do with being 6’ 8” I’d guess).


Which away fixture do you look forward to the least and why?

I don’t personally mind playing away games. There is no better feeling than coming out on top in someone else’s back yard. My favourite away grounds are all in the premier league – so best we get ourselves back there!


What do you want to see from your team this year?


A win-hungry team made up of the best 11 cricketers in the club, all of whom feel that they are fighting to keep their place week in and week out.


Who is it best not to share a car with on your side?


Archie Macpherson - You may find yourself walking home.


Name one behaviour you want to see more of from your guys in 2017


Be brave enough to make mistakes – learn quickly from them and adapt.


Which famous non-cricketing personality would you most like in your team and why?


Serena Williams – If you can win the Aussie Open while being 8 weeks pregnant you will always have a place on my team – she is the real deal!


What keeps bringing you back to Spencer each year?


It feels like home.



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