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Announcement of captains for 2018

Announcement of captains for 2018
Planning ahead...

Whilst I realise your immediate focus will be on brussel sprouts, making sure your Christmas jumper selection is on point and arguing who was the best Bond, there’s some important Spencer news to bring to your attention.

And that is the confirmation and announcement of captains for the club’s senior sides for 2018.

Big thanks at the same time for Jon Speller, James Smith, Cameron Ponsonby and Neil Harrison for their hard work, inspiration and perspiration during 2017. In their stead, we welcome Gus Grant, Abid Jafri, James Lipscombe and Luke Greig who join those gluttons for punishment, Hussain Jafri, Tamara Reeves and Katy Perry. We wish them all the very best.

Your official captains for 2018 are:

1st XI - Gus Grant

2nd XI - Abid Jafri

3rd XI - James Lipscombe

4th XI - Hussain Jafri

5th XI - Luke Greig

Women’s 1st XI - Tamara Reeves

Women’s 2nd XI - Katy Perry

Sunday XI - Ian Brown

Thank you and I hope you enjoy a wonderful festive period.

Neil Harrison
Chairman of Spencer CC


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