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Captain's Profile

Captain's Profile
So, just who is Gus Grant? 

As some of you will know, we have a new captain in the youthful guise of Augustus Grant. But just who is the man behind the myth?



When did you join the club?

I joined in 2003 as an under 8, since then I have played for every single Spencer men’s side, except the newly created Sharks.
(Given the Sharks’ 5XI season starts a week earlier than the other sides, I can’t help thinking…)

Who was your most Inspirational Coach? 

When I was about 14 and still attending the summer courses smashing around 9 year olds, Luke Billingham, my coach at the time, took me into a damp net and peppered my ribs with short bowling. That taught me a lesson. I’m still scared of the short ball today. (Health and safety remains an important part of the coaching philosophy at Spencer today)

Best player you’ve played with at Spencer? 

Michael Carberry was freakishly good. He made scoring hundreds and taking wickets look really easy.
(I guess it’s hard for Gus to make a real comparison given his lack of appearances for the Sharks, as I feel there are a couple of players there that would push Carbs) 


Which player do you aspire to be like? 

Cameron Ponsonby is a big idol of mine. Bowls artistic off spin from round the wicket. There are very few better at what he does in world cricket. He also used to run an award-winning radio show. Multi-talented that guy.
(That’s Cam with a nailed on first team slot and well deserved too) 


Which player are you actually like?

R. Ashwin
(from a fielding perspective) 


Best moment at Spencer? 

The end of season party when we stayed up and every other side won the league. I think that will live long in the memory of everyone involved. I seem to remember there was some kind of a song that everyone kept singing.
(Perhaps one for another day)


What is going to be your captaincy philosophy? 

Nothing revolutionary, I wouldn’t say. Turn up looking smart. Play well and have a good time. Cricket takes up a large part of your weekend. It has to be fun. (Hard to argue with that) 


What are your hopes for the season?

I think we have to be aiming to get promoted, even though that’s a really tough ask. I’d also love to give a better showing of ourselves than previous years in the national cup.



So, there is Gus in a snapshot. A massive good luck to him and all Spencer sides this year, men or women, girls or boys, 1s or Sharks.


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